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About Asahi Kaiten

At Asahi Kaiten Sushi Bar, we are a Japanese restaurant with a full sushi bar that specializes in Japanese, French, and Asian cuisine using only the freshest ingredients. All of the sushi is served on a conveyor belt, but you can also be seated and place orders. We have a fun, modern-styled atmosphere with all top-quality, great tasting food such as our deep fried Tempuras (beef and vegetable) and Tonkatsu (pork). Food from our menu is prepared as it's ordered to ensure freshness, plus our prices are lower than our competitor's and our staff is friendlier! Contact us for details.

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Sushi is one of the traditional food and culinary art of Japan. The workd sushi refers to flavored rice wit add-on variety of ingredients. The vinegar that used to flavor the sushi rice has anti-bacterial property to preserve its quality. Over the years, sushi bars continue to expend its popularity throughout the world. The word "sushi" now associates with nutritious, delicious and healty food.

Treaditionally, customers place the order to the sushi chef who displaying the variety of ingredients in the sanitized temperature control "Sushi case". Today with our modern technology come the new "Sushi Revolution" equipped with modern sanitation and safety features. It delivers freshness quality sushi to the fingertips of customers for their enjoyment without time wasting. The rotary, revolving conveyer system is call the "Kaiten Sushi"

In Asahi Kaiten sushi bar, we use RFID on all of our plates rotating in sushi bar which it controls inventory and time keeping. When it passes 6 antenas in the rotating sushi it tracs time and dispose any item pass time limits.

Gift Certificate
Asahi gift certificate makes excellent gifts, and is available in any denomination. Please ask your server for details.

Senior Citizen Discount
The Asahi Kaiten continues the Japanese tradition of honoring its senior citizens by offering 15% discount to anyone over 65 years of age on regular menu entree.

671 North Glebe Road Unit 1248 Arlington VA, 22203     P 703.248.0777     info@asahisushi.com
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